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WE ARE HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE that by special arrangement with the Center for Environmental Structure, our Powers of Place Initiative visitors can receive a special discount on acclaimed architect Christopher Alexander's four-volume masterwork, The Nature of Order. These books are the result of twenty-seven years of research and a lifetime of profoundly original thinking. In these four volumes, Alexander describes and beautifully illustrates -- with over 700 photographs -- a living step-by-step creation process that brings into being "living structures" "life-supporting structures" that ultimately connect us with our essence as people. These books are a feast for the eyes, the mind and the heart. (Check out a summary of the content of each of the four books by clicking on their title above.)

Our SPECIAL OFFER is $54 each + FREE Shipping and Handling (S&H) to any address within the continental USA. Please note: Free S&H is a limited time offer. (Each book of this set generally lists for $75 + S&H.)

To order your copy of a volume or volumes of The Nature of Order, at this special discount offered to Powers of Place visitors: download, fill out, print, and fax the Order Form to the Center for Environmental Structure, at fax number 510-841-8668, or mail it to: CES Attn: Book Orders 2701 Shasta Road, Berkeley, CA 94708, USA.

We refer interested international parties, to order from one of the international Amazon sites, or Taylor and Francis, CES' overseas distributor for The Nature of Order.

If you have a strong interest in these books but difficulty in purchasing or ordering them, email


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