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Place-based Education

Levels of Presence
Christopher Alexander
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Powers of Place
Awareness Tool

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Proposed Essential Patterns of Place
a draft by Sheryl Erickson and Tom Callanan
















star flower

Proposed Essential Patterns of Place:
Influential as Enablers of Collective Transformational Experience

draft by Sheryl Erickson and Tom Callanan

Proposed Patterns of Place:

  • Integral to surrounding environment: physical, social and cultural surrounds

  • Immediacy of Nature

  • Welcoming entry

  • Coherence, order and organic informal arrangement of furnishings

  • Quality of natural light

  • Balance of intimate and common spaces

  • Refuge and outlook

  • Sensorially robust: sight, sound, smell, texture

  • Indoor and outdoor gathering spaces along with in-between spaces

  • Attention to detailing: juxtaposition and composition of materials

  • Archetypal elements evident: thresholds, circles, pathways, fire, water, earth

  • Tranquil, quiet and reverential

  • Food: healthy, light, fresh, locally grow

  • Sense of inviting transitions, directionality and flow of spaces


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