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michael jones

Michael Jones

What is your role in the Powers of Place Initiative?
I am a Thinking Partner with the PoPI and look forward to continuing to build partnerships with other communities to further broaden and deepen the work of place- based leadership, as well as sharing reflective essays exploring aspects of leadership and place, and new music that has been inspired by the power of place.

Where do you have most passion in this endeavor?
I think that place based leadership is the central building block for transforming organizations and communities. In the same way that bringing a concert grand piano into a seminar room in order to transform leadership - place based conversations transform culture. They do so by changing the conversation. - when we can talk about place, we can also share stories of belonging, of home, our longings and losses, of leading from our gifts, paying attention to how the subtle forces of atmosphere and tone shift the field and enable us to make visible what usually not seen. Most importantly conversations about place help us find our voice - - not our public but our personal voice. They invite us to speak about what feels most vital and alive and this gives us a thread to follow in order to discover what we are most essentially here to do.