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Studies and Papers for the Powers of Place Initiative include our own research studies exploring various arenas of the relationship between people and place and other key articles and papers, all specially selected for their alignment with the mission of the Powers of Place Initiative.

The materials come from a variety of disciplines and professions, orientations and intentions, but what they share is a commitment to collective thought and action centered in place.

Adams, Will. (2007) The Primacy of Interrelating: Practicing Ecological Psychology with Buber, Levinas and Merleau-Ponty. (pdf 1.8M)

Auger, J. (2010) The Process of Dialogue and Place-based Leadership (pdf 180k), Saybrook University

Auger, J. (2010) Key Take-Aways Place-Based Leadership Forum, Banff, Alberta

Chalquist, C. Earthrise: Decoding the Speech of the Planet (pdf 143k)

Davenport, Katrina Martin M.A. (2010) TerraPlaces: Enlivening Relationship with Place, with Craig Chalquist, Ph.D

Gerard, Glenna. (2010) Place and Leadership: Lessons from Presence Walkabouts 2005-2009 (pdf 416k) Study supported by Powers of Place Initiative

Hazzard, Marian M.Ed, and Hazzard, Ed M.Arch, with Sheryl Erickson (2011) The Green School Effect: An Exploration of Place, Space, and Environment on Teaching and Learning The Green School, Bali, Indonesia (pdf 3.25M)

Hild, Carl M., Ph.D. (2007) Engaging Inupiaq Value in Land Management for Health Through an Action Research Appreciative Inquiry Process (pdf 364k)
Abridged version of doctoral dissertation.

Hild, Carl M. Ph.D. (2007) Places and States of Mind for Healing. (pdf 156k)

Janz, Bruce, Ph.D. (2010) Landscape, Language and Experience: Some Claims and Questions (pdf 1.6M)

Janz, Bruce, Ph.D. (2009)Thinking Like a Mountain: Ethics and Place as Travelling Concepts (pdf 136K)

Janz, Bruce, Ph.D. (2005) Whistlers Fog and the Aesthetics of Place (pdf 160K), reproduced from reconstruction: studies in contemporary culture

Janz, Bruce, Ph.D. A comprehensive list of papers can be found here.

Levi, Renee Ph.D. (2010). Living Leadership: Lessons from the Balinese
(pdf 484k)

Levi, Renee, Ph.D. (2008) The Powers of Place: An Inquiry into the Influence of Place, Space and Environment on Collective Transformation
(pdf 616k)

Levi, Renee, Ph.D. (2008) Literature Review extracted from The Powers of Place: An Inquiry into the Influence of Place, Space and Environment on Collective Transformation
(pdf 561k)

Mang, Nicholas, PhD. (2009) Toward a Regenerative Psychology of Urban Planning (pdf 1.8M) Doctoral Dissertation.

Mang, Nicholas. PhD. The Rediscovery of Place: And Our Human Role Within It  (pdf 408k)

Mathews, Freya. (2010) On Desiring Nature, first published in Indian Ecocriticism Journal, Voulme 3 (pdf 190K)

Rogers, Diane. (2010) The Role of Place in Personal and Systemic Transformation Study supported by Powers of Place Initiative. (pdf 776k)

Seamon, David, Ph.D. (2000) A Way of Seeing People and Place: Phenomenology of Environment Behavior Research

Seamon, David, Ph.D. A comprehensive list of papers.

Smith, Daniel. Is there an Ecological Unconscious? (pdf 172k) New York Times Magazine, January 31, 2010.

Virnig, A. (2010) Cake's Candles, Bamboo Groves, and Earthen Walls: A Geographic Analysis of the Power of Place (pdf 209k)


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