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What happens to groups in specific places?

How is awareness encouraged?

How can people-place relationships be nurtured?











What happens to groups in specific places?

lupineHow does incorporating explicit place-based activities into a group process design influence the positive dynamics and outcomes of the gathered group?
Identify specific place-based activities and gatherings to test. Work with facilitator(s) to design activities into gathering’s agenda. Interview people after the gathering and/or observe process as it unfolds (participant observation).

What do certain places bring to groups from the energy that is stored in the place itself?
For example, certain places are reported to elicit specific emotions in people such as grief, healing, awe, etc. What more can we learn about these place-based energies and how groups of people can be in conscious relationship with them and their effects? Are these energetic, physical, and/or psychological phenomena (or other)? Locate specific sites. Experience them first-hand (researcher) and locate and interview people who have had experiences there.

What internal shifts are required to be able to listen to and learn from a place? This could be either a literature review or interviews with selected people who are in deep relationship with one or more places.


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