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What do places tell us?

How can we look "below the surface" of a place to learn more?

How might places transform us?

When people come together, can places transform our actions?









What do places tell us?

window visited by woodpeckers
photo by Amy Lenzo

What does it mean to learn from and with Nature or to ask, and then listen, to what environment has to offer and what a particular location “wants”?

How is information and guidance coming from the environment received and interpreted? In what ways can we cultivate our sensitivity to such communication?

How do we learn to listen to the power of every place?

How do we tap into and integrate the wisdom and experience of a wide variety of people and cultures (e.g. indigenous peoples, Eastern cultures, ethnic, racial, gender and age groups, transient and nomadic peoples, etc.) on their relationship with place?

How are non-material beings (often associated with place) experienced and how do they affect collective shifts?

What is known about the relationship between people and place from the perspective of various professional or academic disciplines (e.g. psychology, architecture, health and healing, fine and performing arts, archaeology, geology, etc.)?


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