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What do places tell us?

How can we look "below the surface" of a place to learn more?

How might places transform us?

When people come together, can places transform our actions?











How can we look “below the surface” of a place to learn more?

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photo by Krassy Can Do It

How do symbols and archetypes affect a place’s ability to influence collective transformation?

What is relationship between aesthetics (beauty) and collective transformation?

What do people notice that they instinctively perceive to be beautiful or visually appealing?

How does the awareness of aesthetic pleasure influence people’s sense of wholeness, connection with others, with the place in which they are gathered and the meanings they give to their experiences?

What more can we learn about the domain of aesthetics as it relates to collective transformation or about the role of perception and the particular qualifiers (sensual and dimensional) of tangible artifacts and/or physical environment that influence group experience?

What is meant by energetic fields surrounding or embedded within physical places (e.g. historical energy, masculine/feminine energy, spiritual energy, ancestral fields, and “knowing fields”?

How can energetic fields be described and measured?

How are fields related to places in which diverse groups gather with shared intention?

How are energetic fields experienced? How do people describe sensing fields?


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