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new questions

What do places tell us?

How can we look "below the surface" of a place to learn more?

How might places transform us?

When people come together, can places transform our actions?






How might places transform us?

hill in Pt Reyes
photo by Amy Lenzo

Can what is stored in the land, such as emotions or energy, be shifted? Are some places fixed while others are mutable? What would it take to help shift a place's energy?

What is the transformational effect of people moving side by side (e.g. walking) toward a common horizon?

How is place a part of the “whole” of gathered groups and how does a stance of holding wholeness affect a facilitator’s ability to affect group transformation?

What is meant by sacred places/spaces and how do they affect group transformation?

What more can we learn about the simultaneous existence of holding and releasing elements (from Powers of Place study by Renee Levi) of a place and how they affect collective transformation?


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