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new questions

What do places tell us?

How can we look "below the surface" of a place to learn more?

How might places transform us?

When people come together, can places transform our actions?











When people come together, can places transform our actions?

photo by Amy Lenzo

What is the relationship between gathering place and the people who steward it, such as founders/owners, facilitators, staff?

How important is the relationship between a gathering place and the surrounding local community? How does this relationship affect the potential for transformation for the groups gathered there?

How can place be an ally or adversary to conveners of gatherings?

How can we help places recover from a violent past?

What are the practices, both individual and collective, that will expand our capacities as human beings to honor, revere, and reciprocate with place?

What internal shifts will be required of us to be in a new relationship with place?

What practices breathe more aliveness into any place, especially those that are not ideal?

If participants at gatherings are made more aware of the surroundings (through simple techniques or tools such as a questionnaire), does the quality/outcome of their work together change for the better?

How does conscious stewardship and right relationship of people with land restore the spiritual connection lost in human history?


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