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Project for Public Places
Christopher Alexander

The Relationship of Place & Environment, Collective Intention and Quality of Outcomes
Fetzer Institute

The People/Place Map
PoPI Stewards

Research Lenses
Renee Levi

Collective Resonance
Shifting Factors

Renee Levi







PoPI People Places Map

This map grew out of two earlier versions from within the stewards circle of the Powers of Place Initiative, and from a gathering Art of Hosting Meaning in Place, May ’09. It is an attempt to name the framework around the relationship between people and place. It shows that on a wider scale it is about humanity in relation with the Earth and that what we need is knowledge of the subtle arts to establish this relationship again - from practices to mastery. This is an unfolding map, open to additions and improvements to ensureits usefulness for your own situation.

If you would like to join a working group who is actively using this map, please join us in the Field.


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